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Rules & Regulation


     Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are expected to come regularly to college except on days when they are sick. A proper application is to be sent addressed to the Principal through the class teacher if a student wants to avail leave.
  2. Absent without leave application will be marked as absent ‘A’ in the college’s attendance register and if the leave is on an assessment date then retest will be not be carried out.
  3. If a student is late, he/she will be marked Tardy ‘T’ in the attendance register.
  4. No student is expected to bring expensive items to college viz mobiles, pendrives, expensive watches, gold jewellery etc. Any loss or breakage will not be compensated by the college or held responsible for.
  5. Girls are not expected to wear dangling jewelers of any sort. Fancy clips and hair bands except the school band are not allowed.
  6. Students are expected to adhere to the college reporting time, late comings in any case is not advisable and should be refrained from.
  7. Any damage done to the college’s property is treated as a major loss. The cost of the items with breakage/damages will be recovered from the students caution money.
  8. If a student is suffering from any contagious disease such as measles, chicken pox, scabies, mumps etc, then it is highly advised that the student takes adequate medical treatment and reports back to college only after full recovery. For the intervening period of absence, the student must inform the college within three days with proper medical certificate accompanying a leave application.
  9. Since the college marks the attendance in the morning hours only, it is advised that parents refrain from picking students in the mid of college working hours. It not only hampers the college working system but also inculcates casual attitude among students.
  10. Any query related to academics should be handled by the competent authorities and in no way should be communicated through the drivers and conductors of the buses or for the matter the college’s gate security.
  11. Parents are advised to sort all the queries related to their student through the PTMs.
  12. In case the student is sick and requires immediate medical attention, the college will provide first-aid only. The parents will then be required to remove the student from the college premises on their own.
  13. A student absent for one month without information to the college authority will be deemed withdrawn and his/her name will be struck off the Roll’s.
  14. Students will not be allowed to bring articles which may prove a source of disturbance.
  15. A record of the address of Parents/Guardians is maintained in the college office. Any change should be properly informed.
  16. Application for T.C. should be submitted with the college leaving proforma provided in the manual. The T.C. will be issued after 7 working days of the submission of application.
  17. The college management reserves the right to add or amend any of these rules and the same shall be binding upon the parents/guardians and students.